Carbon Screws

Schmolke Carbon Screws   Carbon Screws
Our screws are manufactured in a highly specialised pressure extrusion procedure. The material used is our own high quality Intermediate module fibres with PEEK-matrix. This is the only means to make sure the fibres are arranged in a spiralling pattern following the thread and centred towards the inside of the screw. The actual thread can not be stripped. In terms of dynamic strength carbon fibre is much superior to all other materials used for screws. They are stronger and 40% lighter than aluminium bolts.

M4x16 (Allen)                                     0,8 Nm   0,5 g   6,90 €
M5x40 countersunk (Allen)                 1,0 Nm   1,0 g   6,90 €
M5x40 (Allen)                                     1,0 Nm   1,2 g   6,90 €
M6x16, 30, 40 countersunk (Allen)     1,0 Nm   1,6 g   6,90 €
M6x30 (Allen)                                     1,0 Nm   1,9 g   6,90 €

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